About Vaping

We all know the health risks associated with smoking tobacco.

Vaping is an alternative to smoking, giving smokers everything they want without the need to continue smoking tobacco.

Most people trying to quit smoking will use willpower, patches, gum or some other method. Many have discovered the benefits of using an electronic cigarette. Vaping is becoming ever popular, with a lot of people successfully quitting smoking tobacco.

When burnt and inhaled, tobacco releases into the body carcinogens, poisons, smoke particles etc… tobacco is responsible for about 100,000 deaths a year in the UK alone.

Our ejuice contains up to 5 ingredients: Nicotine, PG, VG, Water & flavour

Similar in effect to caffeine, very addictive. It is the burning of tobacco that causes serious health issues, not the nicotine.

Vegetable Glycerin/Glycerol Pharmaceutical Grade, found in food, Glycerol is of low toxicity when injested, inhaled, or in contact with skin.

Propylene Glycol Pharmaceutical grade, an organic compound.

Distilled water.

All flavours are free from: diactyl, animal derivatives, colouring & oil, we only use the very best.

  • Our ingredients are pharmaceutical grade.
  • We only use suitable ingredients for vaping.
  • UK sourced only, we do not import any ingredient from the far east.
  • All bottles have a childproof safety cap and tamper proof seal.
  • Fast turn around, we always aim for next day delivery.

There really has never been a better time to quit smoking tobacco.