Available in brushed charcoal.

It doesn’t take long to fall in love with the PAX 2’s sleek, sexy design and unbeatable performance. There’s a reason the PAX line of vaporizers are some of the best-selling and most beloved devices around. Combine revolutionary design with top-of-the-line vapor performance, and you will get the legendary PAX 2.


PAX 2’s brushed aluminum body and simple, minimalistic design may be the first thing you notice about it, but it will not be the last. Feature-loaded, yet user-friendly and easy to clean, PAX 2 knows what it is to deliver consistent performance at a reasonable price point. Its features include a fast-heating chamber and a long-lasting battery to go along with class-leading vapor quality that rivals devices with twice the price. This unassuming little beauty has taken the portable vaporizer world by storm.

Back and Better Than Ever
The PAX 2 is PAX’s (formally known as Ploom) answer to their original PAX. The initial offering was well received, but the new PAX is a marked improvement. They removed a mechanical mouthpiece in favor of a silicone rubber pair that greatly improves the ability to clean the device. Flavor has increased in quality since the original as well, with more flavor available throughout a session thanks to advances in their conductive heat technology.

Sleek and Silent
The PAX may be the most unassuming portable vaporizer design around. From a distance, it looks like an oversized USB flash drive. Up close, the brushed aluminum and understated design choices make this a pleasure to hold in your hand. There are four different colors available, ranging from the stealthy black to the beautifully rich red.

With absolutely no noise and a petite frame, the PAX 2 is perfect for users who like to vape away from home. However, the excellent vapor quality and heating technology that can reach a vape-ready state in only 45 seconds will keep you using it back home too.

Looks to Last
Perhaps the most striking and unique feature of the PAX 2’s frame is the beautiful LED lights that radiate purple during the heat-up process. Once the desired temperature reached the light turns to green, and you know that it’s okay to use the device. All the lights and features on the outside of the PAX 2 are well protected, and the device itself is mostly one solid piece. This simple design is a primary factor in the well-known durability of the PAX 2. Included in the box is a vial of isopropyl alcohol and pipe cleaners that can be inserted directly through the middle of the PAX 2, which makes cleaning a breeze and ensures a long life for your vaporizer.

Features Galore
The PAX 2 comes with unique features including lip-sensing technology that will power off the vaporizer once it has left your lips. It keeps your herbs fresh, and your battery life longer. A simple button controls the four temperature range with ease. The PAX 2’s temperature levels are as follows:

  • 182°C
  • 193°C
  • 204°C
  • 215°C

User reviews tend to find the 193°C to 204°C options gets the best vapor quality without overdoing it. The box includes a charging port with magnetic connectors, as well, further adding to the “premium” vibe the PAX 2 gives off. There are even versions of the device that can play an accelerometer-based version of “Simon Says” and other hidden features that are just begging to be discover.

PAX 2 Video

Watch the unboxing of the beautiful PAX 2. This particular model is black and and it is noted by the reviewer how perfect it is for discretion. You can also see the marked improvement this newer model has over the original PAX from Ploom.

What’s In the Box

  • 1x PAX 2 vaporizer
  • 1x Cleaning kit
  • 1x Magnetic charging port
  • 1x Spare screen
  • 2x Silicone mouthpieces


The PAX 2 is an impressively beautiful device at a price most people can afford. Its rare blend of looks and quality combine to create a triumph of function. With the unique features you can only get from a PAX brand product, the popular JUUL for an example. A vaporizer with such high vapor quality, PAX has created a monolith in the portable vaporizer industry. If you are in the market for a vaporizer of any kind, the PAX 2 presents a very attractive option. However you can also step up the game with the latest PAX 3 that looks the same on the outside. The choice is yours!

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